Industrial User Committee RARE³ KU Leuven

RARE³ KU Leuven interacts intensively with industry and society in order to valorise its research results. For this reason a formal “Industrial User Committee” has been set up. The IUC list includes US, EU and Flemish players in the field of Rare Earths and other critical metals (indium, germanium, tantalum, cobalt, etc.). Moreover, these companies are situated at all different levels of the critical metal value chain, from ore extraction, separation, production of consumer goods to recycling. The companies entering the IUC do not pay a contribution but they have the ambition to actively cooperate in the IUC meetings and to generate new research projects as a partner with KU Leuven. The goal is to build a knowledge base and confidence to manage the full life cycle of critical metals with the companies of the IUC. The IUC is organised on a 6-monthly basis. Industrial participants get to hear about breakthrough research results at KU Leuven and have the chance to offer valuable feedback and engage in implementation projects. To increase the industrial relevance of the IUC meetings, some of them are held at the premises of the industrial partners. To join the IUC, a signed Letter of Intent and NDA has to be sent to Prof. Koen Binnemans and Dr. Ir. Tom Jones.

Fourth IUC RARE³ meeting in Leuven

Presentation1The fourth RARE³ IUC meeting took place on 30-3-2015, in Novotel Leuven. 40 participants listened to keynote lectures of Allan Walton (University of Birmingham) (on hydrogen decrepitation), Koen Binnemans (on innovative REE separation (“split anion extraction”) and David Dupont (recycling of lamp phosphors). Concurrently, a number of presentations by RARE³ researchers were given:

  • Dionysios Kontoulis on LCA/MFC of REE recycling processes investigated in RARE³ Platform:
  • Chenna Rao Borra on REE recycling from red mud;
  • Mehmet Recai Onal on a novel combination of pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy for efficient recycling of NdFeB magnets

Current companies in the Industrial User Committee

At this moment, 34 companies/institutes have agreed to join the Industrial User Committee (IUC):

Joining the Industrial User Committee

The membership of the IUC is free. To join the Industrial User Committee, a signed Letter of Intent and NDA has to be send to Prof. Koen Binnemans and Dr. Ir. Tom Jones, thereby also indicating your interest to one or more Focus Teams.